Coin Counter Machine Locations

The locations of coin counter machines will vary with the institution or office that has uses them. Many of the coin machines are in use at various bank branches, hospitals, libraries, colleges, cafeterias, public utilities offices and credit unions. Banks, such as the First Commonwealth Bank, has several coin counter machines available for customers use in various branches across the state.

The PNC has branches that offer coin counter machines in the following areas: St. Claire, Robinson Towne and North Hills. Selected branches of American Heritage Federal Credit Union offer free coin counters in different locations in the Pittsburgh area. There is a greater need for coin counters to be located in public places for customers to use in the Pittsburg area, as evidenced by the crowded machines in stores and banks.

Recently, Coinstar signed a deal with Safeway to provide their coin counting machines in Safeway and affiliated stores across the United States; this may be coming in your area soon. If so, you will have another means of getting that loose change taken care of, but it might be good idea to find a place that offers coin counters free to use because of the fees Coinstar uses to operate their machines. Coinstar also has a free feature that you can use if you exchange your coins for gift cards or charitable donations.

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