Toy Gadget Coin Bank Counter for Kids

Coin counters for kids come in different styles shapes and even special ones with characters or their favorite sports team. Some of the counters are containers with lids and a place for the kids to put their coins in while a mechanical or electronic counter tells them how much they have saved. Coin counters are a good way to get a child interested in saving instead of spending money

Many department stores feature coin counters for kids in their toy section. Some of these are for young toddler age but there are coin counter and sorters such as the money mill which sorts and stacks the different sizes of coins including penny, nickel, dime and quarters. Most of these coin sorters for kids run on two double “a” batteries; some of the more elaborate ones may plug into the wall or use larger batteries.

If you can find them, collectible coin counters for kids are a nice present to give them or just collect. Many of these feature cartoon characters or come in unusual shapes. Most of the banks of this style are meant for older children or to be kept as part of a collection, not for the rougher treatment young children will display.

One of the neatest coin counter type banks is one featured in the move “Toy Story”. If you are inventive, you can create a coin sorter similar to that one. The television show “Zoom!” also has an activity that allows your child to create a coin sorter from materials found around the house. This would be a good activity for a person who builds with Lego’s, for example. Coin counters for kids can be simple or elaborate and that is part of the beauty of teaching them to save money.

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